The Easy To Use Affinity Platform Built For Web Publishers.

Do you know how . . .
airlines have created loyalty with their customers through rewards programs . . . well what if you could easily do that with your website or business?

ChiPlatform is a easy to deploy turn key rewards program for your business. See how here >

1. Easy to use… implement and manage

2. In page display... don't lose your customers 
to a 3rd party

3. Global registration... over unlimited microsites

4. Use points or currency... tracked via one common leader board

5. and robust reporting... to track
& understand your users

What is it?

ChiPlatform is a suite of applications designed to help businesses Understand, Encourage, and Reward consumers to better drive engagement and loyalty. This patent pending technology can be used to understand how individuals feel about anything—themselves, other people, groups, teams, work environments, ideas, issues, content, products, etc. It is an engagement loop that provides a dynamically driven method of understanding sentiment, encouraging sentiment and using rewards to drive behavior.

How does it work?

ChiPlatform is unique and differentiated from a two-way survey tool that simply captures data and builds profiles. The Platform creates a sophisticated flow of inter-connected data inputs, outputs, and prompts—harnessing emotional energy and translating it into influence, action and intelligence. ChiPlatform's patent-pending tools provide dynamic and adaptive solutions to measure, index, and impact sentiment and engagement in real-time. These Tools are easy and fun to use, providing highly customizable solutions for business and consumer applications.